In fact, my interest in jewel industry started from my childhood, because my grandfather was a jeweler in Yazd, Iran, and I was brought up with this profession from childhood, so in my subconscious mind I was attracted to this art, though knowing that a piece of jewelry was just an object and would not be a part of us but there can be a hidden meaning to why one wears it. I studied handicrafts in university and in the last few years have seen the best in the world, and have become acquainted with the top brands in the world. I am very much in favor of the limited edition strategy and the philosophy of my products is based on concepts like quality and scarcity. I start my designs with an idea that results in a piece of jewelry, in fact my jewelry expresses a passion, the passion and the desire to create, and turns them into a work of art with a burst of creation with a story behind it, so that the work does not turn into an instantaneous and transient look or something common.