I am Nazanin Pesaran, born into a legacy of jewelers in the enchanting city of Yazd, Iran. My family has been involved in the industry since 1841. From an early age, I found myself fascinated to these treasures, recognizing that a piece of jewelery does not only transcend ornamentation; it also represents our emotional being, as individuals.
My profound and humble understanding turned into an enduring passion, shaping my educational journey in handicrafts and history of art, a foundation that now is the essence and philosophy for the creation of my designs since 2016. Going forward I decided to only produce limited edition collections which led to my focus on quality and rarity. Each piece emanates persona, passion, and desire, transforming into an artistic narrative with an individual story, ensuring it transcends fleeting glances.
Design Aesthetic and Approach

My creations are categorized into three distinctive artistic forms:
1. Mass produce for retail: Unveiling the beauty of stones and their unique qualities.
2. Limited edition collections: Marrying concept of past and present with modern designs and execution, birthing a one-of-a-kind collection.
3. Custom-made:
A ground-breaking perspective in the jewelry industry, where each single-edition of my work becomes a personalized tale, an ode to love and affection.

Personalized Approach
With the unique personalized approach, I breathe life into your story. Every piece is meticulously designed, weaving symbols and signs, ultimately presented to you as a jewel of utmost elegance. The commitment to safeguarding your story's confidentiality is unwavering. Quality is paramount, with diamonds and stones accompanied by international birth certificates across all sections. In my perspective, the dance of the universe has been a lifelong inspiration, where all beings move to their own inner music, akin to the synchronized flight of birds or the rhythmic dance of tree branches in the wind.

Dance Collection Inception
I found solace and strength during a bleak passage and period of my life through dancing. By the way of movement, and harmonious expressions, I found a way to fight back the injustice and tyranny that was afflicted on me. “Dancing goes beyond Dancing for Me” Each stroke of my pen feels like a dance, a symphony between my mind and soul. This distinctive line of work was inspired by a woman named Rachel from London in 2016, when I dedicated my first design to Rachel’s tenacious courage and fight for life. This experience has left a profound and deep impression within me ever since and became the genesis of my Dance Collection. A narrative rooted in liberation, strength, and courage for my generation. Through these designs, I aspire to remind you that every woman is incomparably unique. We are a collective of strong and audacious women, forging our individual worlds.
The Dance Collection showcases women in motion, elegantly fashioned in the form of Latin letters. The choice of letters is yours, a canvas for names, sentences, and stories you value. Every creation in this handmade collection is a unique masterpiece, either produced in a single number or limited quantities.

“Unveil Your Unique Rhythm; Let Every Jewel in the Dance Collection Echo Your Personal Symphony.”